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Do you have a story to tell?

Have you visited a place that you fell in love with? Do you find yourself constantly telling people about an amazing experience you had while exploring the corners of the world?

Share your story with us! We want to know which city has your heart, what experience left an impression on you and what culture you connected with the most.

Uncovering the beauty of the world

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine

Content Guidelines

The content

All stories are written in a Q&A format and are edited by the in-house editor prior to being published to ensure the submitted content is on brand.

We address the interviewee by their first name only. If you wish to include your surname as well, please share your request when submitting your story.


The Images

Submitted images should be high-quality and in colour. Scenic and portrait pictures are welcome. However, no selfies are accepted unless you have captured your surroundings in the image. All images should be submitted as a jpeg file and may be edited by the in-house team if they are underexposed. We do not accept images that can be seen as offensive. Failure to respect this will result in your submission being denied.

The tone of voice

The copy should have a laid-back tone without sounding overly chatty. The content should also be positive, engaging, and respectful even if you don't like your chosen country/city. We do not accept racist, homophobic or derogatory submissions. Failure to respect this will result in your submission being denied.


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