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10 Epic Filming Locations Around the World You Can Visit

Vatican City in Rome, Italy

Have you ever wanted to be a movie star? Let’s face it, who hasn’t? Well, whilst we can’t help you win an Oscar, we can help you find some cool spots across the globe where you can recreate scenes from famous movies with our list of the 10 epic filming locations around the world that you can visit.

Whilst some of the places featured in this article were built specifically for films and then left for fans to enjoy, others existed long before they were used for filming and, as such, have only grown in popularity since appearing on the big screen.

Make sure to read this article carefully – you don’t want to become one of those people dancing in a random fountain in Central Park thinking you’re in the intro to Friends when in reality, that fountain actually sits in a warehouse in LA! These iconic places are just ten of the many famous movie locations you should know about.

Christ Church College, Oxford – Harry Potter

Christ Church College, Oxford - Harry Potter

I doubt I’m the only one who, even in my mid-30s, still holds out just a little bit of hope that any day now, I’ll get my Hogwarts letter. Failing that, whilst you wait for yours you can visit many places in the UK where the eight movies were filmed. Perhaps the most famous is Christ Church College in Oxford. Open year-round, you can get a guided tour of the place for just £10 – an absolute bargain for all budding witches and wizards. For the die-hard fans that always waited on the new Harry Potter movie, put on your Harry Potter glasses, and teleport yourself to your favourite filming scenes.

Martha’s Vineyard – Jaws

Looking for things to do in Martha’s vineyard? If you’re feeling brave, why not go swimming in the waters where perhaps the most famous shark in history, for a few weeks in the 1970s, had a wonderful feast? Located in scenic Massachusetts on the east coast, you can visit these public waters any time of the year. Have a look at Martha’s vineyard map to locate more movie locations, such as the Amity Town Hall, also featured in the actual movie.

The Duke of Albany – Shaun of the Dead

When it all gets a bit too much, we’ve probably all considered going to the Winchester, having a pint and waiting for it to blow over. Sadly the pub is gone after being turned into some very nice flats. But you can still visit and get a feel for what London may be like when it is overrun with the living undead. Just practise your zombie walk, in case you need to blend in should any actually arrive.

Vatican City – Angels and Demons

Vatican City in Rome, Italy

Countless films have been made here, with the adaptation of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons possibly being the most famous. If you want to see some of the spots in which Robert Langdon found the cues to save the world, then this is where you want to be. Located in Rome, though technically its own country, Vatican City can be accessed nearly every day of the year, with prices starting at £25 for fast-track entry. To best explore the region, get a copy of the Vatican City map to see everything in the ecclesiastical state.

Wadi Rum – Lawrence of Arabia

Wadi Rum - Lawrence of Arabia in Jordan

If you’re a fan of the classics, then Wadi Rum, Jordan, is where you want to be. This beautiful red stone area was the location for lots of scenes for the 1962 epic chronicling the life of TE Lawrence. Home to over 150 archaeological sites, the Wadi Rum desert is absolutely stunning and should sit on the to-do list of any film buff.

Ely Cathedral – The King’s Speech

Ely Cathedral  is a filming location for the King’s Speech

Everyone loves Colin Firth – I mean really, who doesn’t? Especially after winning an Oscar in 2010 for playing King George IV. If you’d like to practise your public speaking, whether you stutter or not, Ely Cathedral is the place to be. Open seven days a week, the opening hours are fairly short, so be sure to confirm it’s actually open before you go! Ticket prices start from £8.50, so it’s affordable as well as beautiful.

Angkor Wat – Tomb Raider

Angkor Wat is a Hindu-Buddhist temple complex in Cambodia - Tomb Raider

When you hear Tomb Raider, what do you think? It’ll very much depend on your age – the elder among us thinks of a heavily pixelated woman chasing secrets in a foreign land. Younger generations will probably think of Alicia Vikander fighting for glory. Sandwiched somewhere in between is Angelina Jolie, who had a brief spell as the eponymous Lara Croft. And she was lucky enough to get to film in Angkor Wat, the famous temple in Cambodia. One of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites, there really isn’t much to say about the place that hasn’t been said over and over again. The only thing left to do is visit Angkor Wat temples for yourself.

Caesars Palace – Rainman

Caesars Palace, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Paradise, NV, USA

Finding epic filming locations around the world isn’t hard. Whether you’re a budding gambler, a numbers savant, or just a film buff, if you find yourself in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, you’ll find yourself in many of the filming locations for the Oscar-winning Rainman. The hotel’s casino is free to enter – though you must be over 21 – but sadly isn’t free to stay in. But you can enter at any time to have a wander around and picture Dustin Hoffman using his incredible math powers to win big.

Stairs to the Philadelphia Museum of Art – Rocky

Stairs to the Philadelphia Museum of Art - Rocky

So you watched Rocky in one of the most famous movie scenes and pictured yourself running up the famous stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Sylvester Stallone. Well, you can have your moment! Start off by taking a picture of the Rocky Balboa bronze sculpture, a gift from Stallone himself to the city of Philadelphia. The 8’6 feet figure was created for a scene in the Rocky III film. After snapping your shots, tackle the 72 stone steps to the top to feel like a champion!

Grjótagjá, Iceland – Game of Thrones

Grjótagjá, Iceland has become after being featured in Game of Thrones

Why settle for a pool when you can enjoy a geothermal spring? This Icelandic tourist attraction, known for being featured in Game of Thrones, can be found inside a lava cave, giving you the ultimate movie experience for free. Beware; the hot spring is small – however, as it’s open 24/7, you’ll have plenty of time to visit if it gets too crowded. 

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